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Cufflinks bearing perfect tiny feet - a little reminder for Dad of his special girl or boy.

The cufflinks are beautifully made either in our own style with a torpedo fitting or as a traditional handmade disc and chain.

We are also able to add personalised hand engraving.

Money Clip:

Here we have mounted a pair of perfectly miniaturised baby feet onto a silver money clip to create a stylish accessory that is truly unique and precious.

Just add a hand-engraved monogram or message for the final personal touch.


Your baby's feet cast and perfectly miniaturised to create this stunning sterling silver keyring.

A beautifully hand crafted ring encircles your baby's tiny feet. Every little detail of this keyring is bespoke; carefully crafted by our silversmith with a hammered and brushed silver finish.

Charm Bracelet:

Charm bracelets are all about putting your personality onto a piece of jewellery. Well, surely they don't get more personal than this; charms of your little ones' miniaturised hands and feet in silver or gold.

And of course you can continue to add more little hands and feet as your family grows.

Miniature Hand And Feet Rings:

These tiny miniaturised castings capture every little detail of your baby's hands or feet - a very intimate way to keep them with you at all times.

Hand And Feet Pendant:

Here, we've cast the little hands and feet of two siblings; an older brother with his new baby sister. Then we've very carefully scaled them down to create perfect miniaturised replicas in gold and silver.

What a perfect pendant for a mum - you can keep your little ones close to your heart at all times! A baby feet pendant made from your own baby's feet casts which have been perfectly reduced in size for you to wear close to your heart.

Every little detail, each tiny toe, is perfectly captured - this is the ideal way for you to keep the memory close every day.

Here we show you pendants in silver, yellow gold and rose gold. A small hand-engraved inscription can be added to the smooth polished backs of the pieces.

Silver Bangle:

Here, we've perfectly miniaturised a pair of baby hands to create a stunning bespoke bangle. A lovely piece of jewellery for a new mum or dad, and a perfect way of keeping their little hands close to you at all times.


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